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XRi Receives Grant!

XRi has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant (Grant #1908159) for $1.48 Million over a three year period. Researchers at Kent State University will look at the use of 360 videos to train pre-service teachers. 360 video records in a spherical manner and will immerse the viewer into the […]

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Intro to Creating a 360 Video

A current objective of XRi is to create immersive 360 video experiences that include video of the same classroom, but from multiple vantage points (i.e., cameras). We also want video annotation technology integrated to facilitate the viewer’s engagement in these experiences. However, when we began looking at 360 video, we […]

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What is XRi?

Welcome to the Extended Reality Initiative (XRi) blog page! In this initial blog post, I’m going to briefly explain what extended reality is, our current work at XRi, and the overarching goals of XRi at Kent State. First, let’s talk about extended reality. Extended reality, or XR, is an umbrella […]