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MakerSpace Manipulatives

Paper-Based Resources

Overview One of the most effective ways to make use of manipulatives (either from your makerspace or purchased) is to use paper-based resources to help scaffold the mathematics you are wanting to represent. Here are several paper-based resources that can be downloaded and used in various ways. List of Files […]

MakerSpace Manipulatives

Area Sliders

Overview Area sliders are designed as a tool to support learning about multiplication/division with area models. These can be used either as play-doh cutters or for students to trace the area of parts of a larger area model. If using as play-doh cutters, we suggest obtaining rolling pins and play-doh […]

MakerSpace Manipulatives

Play-Doh Decimal Cutters

Overview Learning decimals is an essential yet complex process for many children. Paper-based decimal squares are a valuable tool, but many children require a more concrete visual. These decimal cutters were inspired by one teacher’s use of the play-doh fraction cutters when she exclaimed “we need these for decimal squares!” […]

MakerSpace Manipulatives

Play-Doh Fraction Cutters

Overview Learning to partition shapes into equal parts is a fundamental skill for children across elementary grades. In grades K-2, children must cut / partition shapes into equal parts as a precursor to learning formally about fractions in grades 3-5. These materials are designed to be used with play-doh (or […]

MakerSpace Manipulatives


Overview Pentominoes are a great puzzle manipulative that help to emphasize concepts of symmetry, area, and perimeter. MakerSpace Files Cricut version of the files can be downloaded here for the link to Design Space. Examples of Use More to come…

MakerSpace Manipulatives

Rod Tracks

Overview Rod tracks are basically 3D printed number lines with each numeral 1cm apart, and a trough 1cm wide so that different length-based manipulatives can be used with them (Base 10 Blocks, Cuisenaire Rods, Array Rods, etc.). This set was designed so it can be printed on smaller 3D printer […]

MakerSpace Tutorial


There are several versions of smart cutting machines, with some using blades and others using lasers. We provide information on the most common of the blade-based cutters because it is affordable for most educators (i.e., the Cricut). Below are some basic videos and information, as well as a couple of […]

MakerSpace Manipulatives


Overview This is for large numerals to be cut with the Cricut. These can be used for creating materials, bulletin boards, and various math-related resources. MakerSpace Files Cricut version of the files can be downloaded here for the link to Design Space. This includes numerals 0-9. Examples of Use More […]

MakerSpace Manipulatives

Pattern Blocks

Overview Pattern Blocks are an extremely versatile manipulative. They are most often used either in preschool – 1st grade for filling shapes or in upper elementary for work with fractions. MakerSpace Files There are two sets of files. STL files in Thingiverse for 3D printing plastic fraction circles. SVG files […]